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New WISKA highlights at SMM


At this year's SMM, WISKA is presenting several new products from its in-house development. The WISKA innovations and other products from the range can be found in Hall B6, Stand B6.212.

Within its constantly growing range of technical lighting products, the company is presenting the new non-metallic LED multi-purpose luminaire 4010 with a luminous flux of 1,200 up to 7,200 lm and a lifetime of 100,000 hours. In addition to the long standard version with 775 mm, there is also a short version with only 495 mm. The high-performance lighting, optionally also with battery back-up, is corrosion-free and easy to install. It is ideally suited for use on car ferries, among others.

With the new LED searchlight, WISKA extends its existing range with a LED version. Its casing adds a complete new development to the familiar WISKA octagonal design. It can be used as a searchlight or floodlight and offers two times 18,000 lm. The new product features endless rotation, stepless speed control, a home and booster function and can be used at minus 25 °C to plus 45 °C. The LED innovations are rounded off by a new high-lumen output version of the floodlight 5000.

The new CCTV camera series also offers a new design: The new camera station can be rotated 360° endlessly thanks to its newly developed pan-tilt unit, while its variant as a fixed camera housing is fixly installed. With a new compact design without external cables and with an internal connection compartment, the new series replaces the entire previous WISKA stainless steel series.

WISKA will also be showing in its new COMBI 304 MAR series a junction box and a rotary switch at SMM. "In the area of installation material, our new COMBI 304 box brings along our many years of experience in non-metallic installation material from various industrial sectors. The two-component injection moulding made of polypropylene and TPE convinces at IP66/67 rating and is manufactured in our factory. Supplemented by its variant as a rotary switch, our 304 has what it takes to deliver a real alternative to the previous HNA products made of brass," says Ronald Hoppmann, WISKA General Manager, adding "We are very pleased to finally be back at SMM and to talk with our guests."

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New WISKA subsidiary in Brasil


WISKA, the German manufacturer for industry, trade and shipbuilding, is continuing its international expansion strategy. Its sixth sales subsidiary, WISKA do Brasil Eletrotécnica Ltda., was already founded two years ago in September. However, with the relaxations in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, they are now picking up speed.

Already since 2013, WISKA has been doing business successfully on the Latin American markets through its office in Paraguay. With the foundation of a new export branch, the manufacturer of electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV video surveillance has identified good conditions for further growth in the region. „With our wide range of products for the most diverse areas we are well prepared to grow further on the Brasilian market and to strengthen our market position there. We are happy that after so many months of hard restrictions, our colleagues can now finally get going within reason.", says Ronald Hoppmann, General Manager of WISKA.

„Most of all, our „Made in Germany“ products offer excellent opportunities to us. Good availability and personal contact are crucial to this – now we are able to offer both.“ says Alexandre Sales, General Manager of WISKA do Brasil Eletrotécnica Ltda. Sales offers to WISKA both technical and commercial background, both from the R+D and sales perspective.



WISKA presents polyamide EMC locknut


Particularly in the industrial environment, with increasingly complex technologies, there is a large number of components that must be effectively protected against electromagnetic interference. For cable entry, there are various solutions, mostly as earthing inserts or braids used in metal cable gland fittings. With its new MagikNUT, WISKA now presents a solution which easily establishes the cable shield contact via the locknut.

The MagikNUT is a new polyamide EMC locknut with an integrated stainless steel clip. The EMC installation is easy and quick: The approx. 1 cm stripped off shielded cable is contacted by the claws of the stainless steel clip within the locknut. In addition to the considerably simplified shield contacting, the MagikNUT polyamide design also enables a simple EMC solution for plastic cable glands: The user benefits from maximum flexibility, from standard cable glands to threaded membrane entries and conduit fittings for cable protection. The new WISKA locknut is lightweight, available in M16, M20 and M25 and black or grey. All information on wiska.com.

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WISKA: Contactless body temperature measurement via CCTV


Industrial and shipbuilding supplier responds to current safety requirements

WISKA extends its range of video surveillance products with a body temperature measuring solution. The supplier has already installed the dual camera with thermal and daylight vision function, including blackbody, in the reception area of its German headquarters - a computer and monitor provides the image results.

"Security through CCTV video surveillance is part of our daily work, so it was only logical for us to start right here especially with the need for increase safety measures in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new camera solution, we are able to meet the protection requirements for guests and employees exceeding the required social distance measures, contact-free but with AI-precise accuracy at +/- 0.3°C," says Ronald Hoppmann, WISKA General Manager.

For indoor applications, a distance of 3 meters is required between the camera and blackbody. The blackbody is the device used to measure and reference the temperature. An individuals forehead temperature is measured with high efficiency and in real time – at different distances depending on the product version. The unit can measure up to 15 people simultaneously; this makes the solution equally suitable for low to high traffic areas. Measurements are reliable even when wearing a mask and result messages can be supported by an integrated alarm management. WISKA only displays, does not store or process the data generated - all legal requirements are met.

"The safety requirements have increased across all areas – that is why we are now thinking of new applications for our products. In particular, video surveillance offers unexpected possibilities, from body temperature measurement to fully automated mask recognition to access control in high traffic areas, there are hardly any limits to development - certainly also for the maritime industry. And best of all: These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into our existing CCTV networks," explains Rico Feldmann, Director Business Unit CCTV at WISKA. With their digital video systems, WISKA offers internationally certified solutions for a wide range of applications, from outdoor to indoor, night vision and explosion protection to searchlight combinations. All information on wiska.com



New junction boxes from WISKA


With two new junction boxes, WISKA is expanding its COMBI range and strengthening its position in the plastic junction box sector.

With the COMBI 304 junction box, WISKA is not only introducing a new size box within its popular COMBI® series, but also a new design: The COMBI 304 is the first circular COMBI box with a diameter of 82 mm, 57 mm high and, especially in its standard colour black, is also ideally suited for use in architectural and retro design projects. The rotary switch version of the 304 perfectly rounds off the design aspiration of the 304 enclosure. The 304 offers 4 M20 threaded membrane entries, which can be used with the cable directly entered through the membrane (IP66) or via WISKA cable gland (IP67), with their conduit fittings (BraceFITTING) or rigid conduit fittings (KRASM). The flat lid of the new box can be closed as a bayonet cap with only a quarter turn; two external mounting lugs with a distance of 90 mm allow for convenient installation.

In addition to the 304, the new and largest WISKA COMBI box 1610 (200x160x94 mm) also expands the range - and is available as a high-quality junction box with cable diameters up to 16 mm² for electrical installation, automation and industry, e.g. also for CCTV and Wifi interfaces and repeaters. With its high protection class IP66/67 and the high-quality plastic injection moulding, the box is UV and ozone resistant like all of its series and therefore ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use. Cable entry with the 1610 is via up to 30 knockout entries from M20 to M40; options such as a clear cover or closed sides are available. Full information on wiska.com.



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Extension of cable protection range


WISKA presents 3 new variants of its BraceFITTING

Within its Brace® cable protection range, WISKA now offers further variants of its own in-house fitting innovation: The existing standard BraceFitting is supplemented by new adaptors for the extension of corrugated pipes and Y- and T-connectors.

The new versions also fulfil all the quality features of the standard, including the high protection class of IP 68, delivery in a completely assembled one-piece component, the directly injected seal and the innovative 360° clasp mechnanism. All these features ensure a high degree of safety and at the same time very easy installation and convenient maintenance, manufactured with the high plastics competence at WISKA. The non-metallic fittings are also available with metal connecting thread or (EMC) cable gland, as 45° or 90° angle and pressure compensation variant with the own VentGLAND®. The Brace® cable protection range is part of WISKA's comprehensive assortment of cable entries, including also cable glands, grommets and cable entry systems for trade and industry. Full details on wiska.com

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100 years – One team: Big celebration on WISKA centenary


WISKA, the German supplier for industry, trade and shipbuilding, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, over 500 national and international guests from 35 countries, comprising partners, representatives from the world of politics, economy, the press as well as employees came to Hamburg´s Fischauktionshalle.

Like the entire anniversary year, the evening was held under the motto “100 Years - One Team”, placing the focus of attention on those who have made the company successful: its customers, partners and employees.

‘I am delighted that so many guests have come to celebrate our centenary together with us in our founding city of Hamburg. On this evening we would like to thank all our business customers, partners, and current and former employees. We have achieved a lot together and stuck together through thick and thin. That has made our bonds strong. We are proud of these good relationships. You appreciate them when everything goes smoothly – and even more when a problem arises.’, said Ronald Hoppmann, who is the third generation of the family to run the company together with his sister Tanja Hoppmann. And also some of Hamburg´s celebrities and guests from industry´s associations took the chance to congratulate the company, among them, Michael Ziesemer, President of ZVEI German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers´ Association, Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO of Hamburg Messe + Congress GmbH, Marcell Jansen, President of the Hamburger SV, and Ian Karan, Hamburg Entrepreneur and former senator for economic affairs. Karan was, together with the Schotstek foundation, donation partners for WISKA, to allow for investments into the next generations rather than gifts to the company. The Karan foundation emphasizes on language training for migrant children. “We are very proud, that with our guests of only this evening, we managed to collect over 20 thousand Euro for both foundations.”, Tanja Hoppmann added.

In keeping with the team spirit, there was a special highlight for the guests: puppets up to five metres tall comprising a net of fibres and light, which were brought to life by the puppeteer ensemble “Dundu”, walked through the hall and interacted with the guests. Each puppet requires five puppeteers to move it. This symbolises the fact that individuals are always a part of a whole.

Even the site itself, the Hamburg Fischauktionshalle, is a very meaningful location for WISKA: with a direct view on the Blohm+Voss shipyard. The shipyard in which the founder of the company Wilhelm Hoppmann worked as a designing engineer before he set up his own business with his friend Hermann Mulsow in 1919. The two founded a special factory in Hamburg producing ship installation material made of brass. At that time, most probably neither of them suspected that 100 years later WISKA would be an internationally successful company with a total of six subsidiaries worldwide.

About WISKA®

Founded in Hamburg in 1919, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV video surveillance for trade, industry and shipbuilding. We operate our own research and development facilities and production plants next door at our headquarters in Germany. Our global sales network of representatives and subsidiaries ensure a quick and personal on-site customer service for you. The WISKA Group tod

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Investment in the future: WISKA builds new company headquarters outside Hamburg, Germany, on 36,500 square metres


Kaltenkirchen, 2. September 2019 – Project partners, representatives from the town of Kaltenkirchen, mayor Hanno Krause and WISKA General Manager Ronald Hoppmann all took part in the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the construction work for the company’s new headquarters in Kaltenkirchen, 30 km north of Hamburg. The first phase of construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

‘With this new building, we are laying a foundation stone for the future, further development and long-term growth. I am particularly pleased that we can celebrate this special milestone in the year of our 100th anniversary’, says Ronald Hoppmann, who is the third generation of his family to manage the company along with his sister Tanja Hoppmann.

The 36,500 sq. m space will comprise of state-of-the-art logistics and production areas, office space and quality control areas. The first construction phase will focus largely on the building of the logistics and production facilities, which are to commence operation as early as 2021 and will enable WISKA to expand its capacity in this area by 50 per cent.

‘It is good for Kaltenkirchen and the region that the family-run company WISKA continues to invest in the future even after 50 years in this location. With this 36,500 sq. m plot they have found the right place for expanding their production and logistics facilities. The example of WISKA shows how important it is for the town to provide commercial land’, says Hanno Krause, mayor of Kaltenkirchen.

The new building has been planned and designed to ensure optimal material flows. It impresses with a significantly higher level of automation and digitalisation, both in logistics and in manufacturing. This will enable WISKA to establish completely new processes and considerably increase the level of service they offer to their customers.

‘By integrating cutting-edge software solutions into the warehouse and production areas and with the help of automated processes, we will be able to manufacture and ship individual customer orders on the same day. This underpins our claim of guaranteeing our customers constant high availability of our products across our entire product range. We will be able to be a lot more transparent about the shipping status of our goods, similar to what you see in the e-commerce segment. When you look at it in this way, we are constructing this building very much with the interests of our customers in mind’, explains Björn Heyna, Supply Chain Management and project manager for the new building at WISKA.

The building has been designed to ensure it can be further developed over the next 30 years. The overall concept will ensure that the separate WISKA sites of today, which are two km apart as the crow flies, can be merged together to form one German headquarters in the new location. This will be implemented over the course of further construction phases in the coming years.

‘With this new building, WISKA will be absolutely future-proof. The concept provides sufficient scope for us to develop in line with the market at a later date and adapt time and again whenever the framework conditions change. The building “breathes” with customer needs, regardless of whether this means that an even broader product portfolio, larger batch sizes or processes that integrate business partners are required. Overall, we will be quicker, more flexible and able to offer even more quality’, says Heyna.

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100 years of WISKA: from a specialist factory to a multi-solutions supplier


Kaltenkirchen, 02. May 2019 - The German supplier for shipbuilding, industry and trade is celebrating its 100th anniversary

In 1919, an engineer at the shipyard Blohm+Voss and his friend set up their own business: a specialist factory for the production of ship installation materials made of brass in Hamburg: Hoppmann & Mulsow. In a conversation between the two founders Wilhelm Hoppmann and Hermann Mulsow, the idea of the name WISKA is born – as an abbreviation of the German “wasserdichte isolierstoffgekapselte Kabelarmaturen” (waterproof insulated cable fittings), becoming the company name from then on. This year, the family-run business celebrates its 100th anniversary.

‘Throughout the WISKA history, we have walked new paths and been a benchmark for individual solutions. Starting with the founders, who laid the foundation for our approach with the idea of manufacturing products to meet the extreme demands at sea – right up until the present day’, says the grandson of company founder Ronald Hoppmann, who is now the third generation of the family to run the business alongside his sister Tanja Hoppmann.

In 1919, the founders of WISKA saw an opportunity to manufacture cost-efficiently switches, sockets and junction boxes made of robust brass in series production which met the requirements of the merchant ship standards committee (HNA) that was founded two years earlier.

Today, the family-run company employs 210 people in Germany and 50 in international subsidiaries. At the headquarters outside Hamburg WISKA develops searchlights, floodlights, reefer container sockets and CCTV video surveillance systems in addition to a wide variety of installation materials that are used worldwide. The material of choice is increasingly plastic. In WISKA’s own production facility, thirty injection moulding machines work in several shifts, ten of which use the two-component injection moulding process.

In order to deliver the highest quality, WISKA controls the entire supply chain itself, from development to delivery, everything is in one hand. "In order to continue to offer high-quality products "Made in Germany" in the future, we want to invest in our Kaltenkirchen location, expand production and internationally strengthen our sales structure and our subsidiaries," says Ronald Hoppmann.

About WISKA®

Founded in Hamburg in 1919, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV video surveillance for trade, industry and shipbuilding. We operate our own research and development facilities and production plants next door at our headquarters in Germany. Our global sales network of representatives and subsidiaries ensure a quick and personal on-site customer service for you. The WISKA Group today employs 260 people worldwide. www.wiska.com

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100 years of WISKA: A centenary with product highlights and party


Kaltenkirchen, 25 March 2019 – "100 years - One team" is the centenary motto for the industry, trade and shipbuilding supplier WISKA. The family company from Kaltenkirchen near Hamburg, Germany, celebrates its centenary this year. A highlight of the year long festivities will be the trade fair in Hanover.

"In sports, a good team is what really counts. Moreover, with good people, work is even more fun. This is what we take as an example in our centenary year and invite our business partners to celebrate together with us "100 years - one team" on our exhibition stand in Hanover”, says Ronald Hoppmann, 3rd generation General Manager of WISKA, together with his sister Tanja.

Visitors are welcome to explore their current product range, for example, the SPRINT® cable gland system (Pic. 1), that due to its modular design fits to almost any cable type and application. From standard to bend protection over external strain relief and explosion-proof to applications in extreme weather conditions, SPRINT® offers any solution.

In addition to cable entries, cable glands and junction boxes, WISKA will also be presenting the Brace® system (Pic. 2) for cable protection. The BraceFITTING, the centerpiece of the system, has a 360 degree closing mechanism for simple installation. The system further comprises of both metal and non-metal fittings, conduits and sleeve types.

And because it is not every year you turn 100, the Hannover Messe is the perfect place to celebrate this special occasion. On 2 April, from 6 p. m., the stand will become a party area and guests of the exhibition are kindly invited to become part of the team celebration. Ronald Hoppmann gives another good piece of advice for everyone who wants to come along. "Bring plenty of energy for dancing – our live band and DJ will give their all."

WISKA at Hannover Messe: Hall 13, Stand: C54


About WISKA®

Founded in Hamburg in 1919, we are today one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV video surveillance for trade, industry and shipbuilding. We operate our own research and development facilities and production plants next door at our headquarters in Germany. Our global sales network of representatives and subsidiaries ensure a quick and personal on-site customer service for you. The WISKA Group today employs 260 people worldwide.

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